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Mental Health 

Deaf people experience high levels of mental ill health.
This section is currently being re-written to provide information about deaf people's experiences of mental health difficulties, wellbeing and access to mental health information.
We will also be providing up to date and verified information about where deaf people can access specialist help from mental health services from the NHS and other places.
As a first step, if you, or someone you know, needs urgent help about a mental health problem, please get in touch with the local NHS services.

ACTivate Your Life course in BSL: Deaf Wellbeing

The course is split into 4 ACTS:

  • ACT 1: How your mind works

  • ACT 2: Accept what you cannot change

  • ACT 3: Mindfulness

  • ACT 4: Your values

BSMHD was one of the organisations that provided the financial support for the filming of the course.

Act 1

How your mind works

Act 2 

 Accept what you cannot

Act  3


Act 4

Your values

Behind the Scenes

More information about this course can be found in the article below:


For anyone who needs more support or advice for mental health concerns, please look at the following websites:



Any questions or feedback about the course, please email or send a BSL clip to

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